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Brightening career prospects one individual at a time.

We all want to work for outstanding organisations, but we don't all have outstanding CVs and interview techniques.

Fortunately, we all have access to the CV Doctor. The only careers consultant you'll ever need.

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Join over 40k students and professionals following our founder and CEO, Afzal Hussein on LinkedIn

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Founder and CEO

Having spent years in sales at Goldman Sachs together with prior experience at BlackRock, EDF Trading, PwC, RBS and others Afzal decided it was time to leave the world of investment banking in order to wholeheartedly commit to, pursue and kickstart his entrepreneurial and consulting career.


Afzal has been mentoring, career consulting and writing professional CVs for over 10 years. In this time, he has helped countless friends, peers, undergrads, postgrads and professionals secure positions at some of the worlds leading organisations, ranging from investment banks to management consultants, and technology firms to early stage startups.


When Afzal was in your shoes, he lost valuable time applying to firms with an average CV. He didn't think it was fair for others to suffer the same problem and so he founded CV Doctor.


The mission of CV Doctor is simple: to level the playing field and close the information gap that exists between those who are landing interviews with the top firms, and those who are able to but just need a nudge in the right direction.


In his role as CEO Afzal is responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for CV Doctor and he guarantees two things:


1. 100% customer satisfaction

2. 100% commitment to helping you get the career of your dreams


easy as 1, 2, 3.




How It Works

The amazing thing about the CV Doctor and his services are that other careers advice businesses cost twice as much and don't provide anywhere near as good a service. My Major Surgery order and Investment Banking 101 phone call were the best investments I'd made during university!


BSc Economics, LSE; MSc Financial Economics, Oxford University

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Why CV Doctor?

why cvdoctor?

value add

We focus on adding value.

Nothing more. Nothing less.


The CV Doctor spent years in sales at Goldman Sachs. He's interviewed candidates and read countless CVs.

He knows what companies look for.


A premium service

at a not so premium price.


With over 40k followers on LinkedIn, and a strong network spanning industries built over the last decade, the CV Doctor is plugged in.


Less than 100% satisfied?

Expect no less than a full refund!

Track record

Proven record of client success. You're in safe hands. Scroll up and read a few of our client reviews for

further assurance.


Together with his experience, network and track record combined with his knowledge and services the CV Doctor is the expert you need. 


CV consultations & surgeries


Written feedback on your existing CV


The CV Doctor will recreate your existing CV

major surgery

Feedback on your existing CV


Recreation of your existing CV

SAVE £19.99

the perfect and proven cover letter structure for success

Your cover letter is vital to your success in securing invitations to interviews, assessment centres and securing offers for internships and full-time roles.

It makes no sense to focus on your CV and neglect your cover letter.

This 1 page file can be the difference you've been waiting for.

Order 'The Perfect And Proven Cover Letter Structure For Success' if you need help:

  1. Structuring your cover letter appropriately.

  2. Enhancing the content of your cover letter.

  3. Identifying what firms look for in cover letters (an insiders perspective).

  4. Dramatically improving your cover letter.


our clients work at

Phone Calls

Phone calls with the


  • Have questions for the CV Doctor? Ask away over a phone call.
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    30 min
    29.99 British pounds
  • No idea what an investment bank is or does? This call is for you.
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    30 min
    29.99 British pounds
  • So you're specifically interested in asset management? This call is fo...
    Read More
    30 min
    29.99 British pounds
  • Got an AC coming up? Ready or not, this call is essential preparation.
    Read More
    30 min
    29.99 British pounds
  • Got an interview coming up? Ready or not, this call is essential prepa...
    Read More
    30 min
    29.99 British pounds
  • Let the CV Doctor interview you. And then get instant feedback on your...
    Read More
    45 min
    44.99 British pounds
  • Insight weeks are tough! Book this call if you want to convert yours i...
    Read More
    30 min
    29.99 British pounds
  • Internships are tough! Book this call if you want to convert yours int...
    Read More
    30 min
    29.99 British pounds
  • 20 minutes not enough? Book a follow up call.
    Read More
    30 min
    29.99 British pounds

Join over 40K students and

professionals following the CV Doctor on 


Afzal Hussein

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